1.5 Learning Activity: Exploring Digital Media Tools

 Activity Objective: This activity will help you become familiar with some of the amazing web-based digital media tools that you can use for teaching and learning.

Finger pointing at 20 digital media icons, such as Twitter, Facebook, TV, and radio.

Before you begin incorporating digital media into your practice, it is important to expand your knowledge of the free web-based digital media tools that you can use to enhance teaching and learning.

There are hundreds of free digital media tools available on the Internet. Fortunately, many educators have developed curated lists and databases of digital media tools to save you time from scrolling through Internet search results and social media feeds.

Activity Instructions: For this Learning Activity, take 10-15 minutes to explore the digital media tools listed on the following websites: (Note: Some of the tools on the list are not digital media tools, so make sure to look for tools that allow you to design, create, or remix media.)

Then, tell us what tools you explored (please link to them, if possible!), and respond to one or more of the following prompts in the course Google+ Community:

  1. What are your initial thoughts about the tools available in the list?
  2. Which tools might help your students achieve their learning goals?
  3. Which tools might help you enhance your teaching?
  4. During week 3 of this course, you will be asked to design a digital media product (e.g., infographic, meme, poster, video, podcast, interactive image). Which tool do you want to use for this activity? Why? What will be your approach to learning how to use this tool?