1.7 Learning Activity: Evaluating Digital Media Tools

Activity Objective: Learn how to evaluate a digital media tool to determine whether it will help you achieve your teaching and learning goals.

Activity Instructions: For Learning Activity 2: Exploring Digital Media Tools, you explored a variety of web-based digital media tools. In this activity, you will select and evaluate at least one digital media tool.

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Activity Levels

In some of the course learning activities, there will be three levels offered (novice, intermediate, and high flyer) to better meet your needs, interests, and comfort level with digital media. You can begin at any level. Each level can stand alone or build on one another. To earn an ISTE Certification of Participation you will need to complete 2 levels. Please see our Certificate page for more information.

Novice Level

This is an introductory level for participants who want to develop their understanding of the eight evaluation criteria. For this activity, select one of the digital media tools that you found intriguing during the Exploring Digital Media Activity and evaluate it by filling out the following form: Activity 3: Evaluating Digital Media Form.


Intermediate Level

This level is for participants who want to incorporate their own experiences and expertise in the development of an evaluation tool. For this activity, develop your own personalized rubric that you can use to evaluate digital media tools. A rubric is a guide with criteria and varying levels of quality (see ASCD’s What Are Rubrics and Why Are They Important? to learn more).

To develop a rubric, go to the Evaluating Digital Media Tools Rubric Document and select “Use this Template.” Then, design your rubric and post it in the course Google+ Community. You can incorporate the criteria above in your rubric or design your own criteria.

High Flyer

This level is for participants who want to test out the rubrics they designed in the intermediate level. For this activity, select one of the digital media tools that a participant posted in the course Google+ Community and evaluate it using your rubric. Share your evaluation in the course Google+ Community.