4.7 Learning Activity: Teaching with Digital Media

As we come to the end of our open online course, we ask that you bring together what you have learned - from multimedia design principles to creating accessible content to engaging your learners - by designing a learning activity or lesson plan to use in your current or future classroom. Even if you are not currently teaching, working through this process can help you explore practical applications of what you’ve learned over the past four weeks.

Activity Objective: Demonstrate an understanding of the core concepts learned during this course.

Activity Instructions: Design a learning activity or lesson plan that incorporates digital media. There are three activity levels for you to choose from, so choose the level that best fits your comfort with technology. As a reminder, to earn the ISTE Certification of Participation you will need to complete 2 levels (e.g., Novice and Intermediate or Intermediate and High Flyer). Please see our Certificate page for more information. 

Novice Level

Design a learning activity that incorporates digital media. Write a description of the learning activity and explain how digital media will be used to enhance student learning (see example: Constructing Opinions). Share your description in the course Google+ Community

Intermediate Level

Design a lesson plan that incorporates digital media. Use the Digital Media Lesson Plan Template to provide details about your lesson plan. Please post a link to your lesson plan in the course Google+ Community to receive feedback from our course facilitators. Here are a few examples of lesson plans that incorporate digital media to help you start brainstorming ideas:

High Flyer

Try out the lesson plan or learning activity that you designed (with students, friends, colleagues, any willing participant) and share how it went with the course Google+ Community.