4.1 Week 4 Introduction

Congratulations! You made it to the final week of the course.

This week we will be exploring how to incorporate digital media into a lesson plan. Developing a lesson plan that incorporates digital media can be challenging, so we will begin by establishing our mindset for success. We’ll then move into some basics of lesson plan design, including a discussion of the Universal Design for Learning principles. We will learn how a pre-course survey can help guide the lesson planning process and we will explore the importance of evaluating the use of digital media as a way of informing your future teaching strategies. Finally, we will ask you to design a lesson plan that incorporates digital media and displays your understanding of all the different skills, theories, and best practices we covered throughout this course.

Week 4 Learning Objectives

  • Participants will design a plan for implementing digital media in their classroom, which builds upon students’ knowledge, skills, and interests.