3.5 Learning Activity: Design a Digital Media Product

In this era, experience working with digital media tools is critical and feeling prepared, essential. The constant use and creation of digital media products will help us to build confidence in our skills. This activity will assist us in doing just that. Furthermore, if we want our students to create digital media products by themselves, we must be skillful in manipulating these tools first.

Activity Objective: Your task this week is to design a digital media product that enhances student learning. Your design should draw from what you learned in Week 2 about how digital media can enhance student learning and you should use one of the tools you explored and evaluated from Week 1.

Activity Instructions: Choose a topic that your students have struggled with (e.g., why do leaves change color?) or that helps you achieve a learning goal (e.g., my students are not engaged in writing arguments to support claims). Make sure the topic is simple and easy to demonstrate through digital media. For example, the topic "writing a research paper" might be too complex to address in an infographic or 3-5 minute podcast or video. Is there a single component of this topic that you could cover (e.g., developing an outline, using APA formatting)?

Then, navigate to one of the pages listed below (Novice: Educational Image, Intermediate: Audio Product, or High Flyer: Educational Video) for tools, resources, and examples to guide you as you design your own digital media product. If this is your first time designing digital media or using a specific digital media tool, keep your project short and simple (e.g., 30-60 second video or podcast, infographic with 3 data points, a meme).

There are three activity levels for you to choose from, so choose the level that best fits your comfort with technology. As a reminder, to earn the ISTE Certification of Participation you will need to complete 2 levels (e.g., Novice & Intermediate or Intermediate & High Flyer). Please see our Certificate Page for more information. 

Novice Level

Design an educational image (e.g., poster, infographic, meme). 

Intermediate Level

Design a 30- to 120-second educational audio product (e.g., podcast, remix of famous speeches, narrated story).