3.4 Accessibility

It is critical to create accessible content in order to engage all of your learners. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) feature four guiding principles that can help us design more accessible digital media products:  

  • Perceivable - Design a digital media product that is easily recognized by the learner. Provide visually impaired, deaf, and hard of hearing learners with ways of accessing and learning the content (e.g., adding captions to videos).
  • Operable - Make sure that learners can navigate through the product (e.g., video) using a keyboard or mouse.
  • Understandable - Use words and visuals that are simple and easy to understand. 
  • Robust - The digital media product should work on all browsers and devices, including assistive technology devices.

Please watch the Making Technology Work for Everyone video to learn about digital accessibility:

Then, explore the following links to learn how you can create more accessible digital media content: